New Dark Pack Guidelines Coming Soon!

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Dear Concerned Fans,

As many of you know, we are in the process of waking White Wolf from is long torpor. Recently, a situation has come to light that we feel obligated to comment on for the sake of providing clarity to the community as there is a significant amount of misinformation being circulated right now as to what we are doing in regards to policing our content on the internet.

Recently, we were contacted by one of our partners in regards to the community website subnet due to the fact that it has been re-posting large amounts of our published back catalog content that is still easily accessible and readily available for purchase. While we are supporters of community fan pages that help facilitate the enjoyment of our games and brands, White Wolf has always maintained a standard set amount of reasonable guidelines for said fan-sites to follow (The Dark Spiral/Dark Pack) that don’t infringe on our rights or the rights of our partners. White Wolf and its partners have been pioneers to bringing RPG products to the digital medium and making them available in a number of formats. We will continue to do this and you should expect to see more announcements on this in the near future. We want you, the community to know that your voice in desiring to have convenient access to our content in multiple forms has been heard.

We understand that the last few years have been difficult ones for the community and that there lacks a level of clarity as to which set of guidelines one should follow. However, at no point has any incarnation of White Wolf ever authorized its products to be reproduced in full for mass distribution without very specific written consent. So while we don’t want to be in a position where we have to get lawyers involved, and especially not with fans, there are times where we must protect our copyrights, unfortunately. We are NOT engaged in a massive internet crackdown or witch hunt. However, when something is serious enough to having been brought to our attention that compromises both our own business and the financial well being of our partners, at that point we need to act, and we did. It’s always been our hope that we can settle these types of situations when they arise amiably and with as little stress involved to all parties as possible. Ideally, we would like subnet and fan-sites like subnet to continue to be a resource to help fans have fun with our brands, but not a replacement for services that we and our partners actively offer as part of our business, as those products and services are vital in helping finance the future development of the brand.

In an effort to minimize these types of situations in the future and help provide clarity on this issue, we want the community to know that we are actively in the process of revising the “Dark Pack” fan site guidelines for the community to use and those will be available for the public very soon.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support of the World of Darkness.

-The White Wolf Team