Summer of Destiny

”Swedish midsummer and the endless days made us nauseous and lazy. The sun beating on the black-slate roof so hard we lay awake imagining the painful buzzing in our heads was the rain of photons. God’s daily storm of light. The light of a sun we would outlive if we were exceptional, if we were perfect.

Summer in the north. The pressure to perform in those hours of hot gloom is a killer. You need to hit the clubs like a hunter, find a victim and close in under an hour. And the circumstances: Huge herd, anxious, self-conscious, outdoors, everyone watching each other. Cool, judgmental fashion-ravers in Whyred and 5th Avenue. This country hates our kind purely by virtue of its longitude. The only time the Swedes grow reckless the sun only sets for three-four hours. No time to plan or stalk. So hard, so fast, so good when it works.”



When I wrote ”Home at Last”, during a hot summer night almost a year ago, I didn’t know if it would ever be published. We were in the middle of negotiations with CCP and we had just hit a bump in the road. I wrote in a frenzy to forget the pressure, as a way of keeping the real goal in sight. We’re here to tell forbidden stories together, tales that make us catch a glimpse of ourselves, in all our dirty, egotistical and contradictory glory. This summer, things are different. The story that oozed out of me during those uncertain days has been published next to Harlan Ellison and Nancy A Collins as a part of our digital re-issue of the short-story collection Dark Destiny from 1994.

Dark Destiny is the first White Wolf book to be made available in ePub format directly from Amazon. It won’t be the last. On a screen next to me I see more books being cleaned up and edited for digital distribution later this year. The 850 book treasure that is the World of Darkness is simply to precious to remain out of print or sold only as PDF’s on the trusty DriveThruRPG store, where you can currently find an almost complete selection of classic books.

Giving a great, but half-forgotten book the respect and distribution it deserves, while including brand new material, is indicative of our future approach to the World of Darkness. We want to make the old gems shine brighter by placing them next to the flashing stroboscope of brand new content, set five minutes into the future.

I will take some time out of writing for future editions and content-bibles to tease, show and comment World of Darkness material both old and new.

Sweaty nights of uncertainty behind us. Sleepless nights of struggle ahead. Hope you’ll join us!

Blood and Souls!


Next up: End of the Line and Convention of Thorns – official White Wolf live-action events this autumn!