A howl for our bloody writer-artists!

White Wolf Entertainment is proud to have Zak S and Sarah Horrocks join the pack as the artists and main authors of Vampire The Masquerade: We Eat Blood.

A Yale graduate, Zak Smith (aka. Sabbath) is an American artist known for his portrait, drawings, abstract art, comic books, and roleplaying games. His art has been featured in the MOMA, Whitney, Heller, and other world-class galleries. Zak is one of the foremost creative minds in the roleplaying game community, with multiple published books for some of the biggest publishers in the in the genre including Dungeons & Dragons and his own award-winning independent works based off his D&D campaign, including Red and Pleasant Land and Maze of the Blue Medusa. He recently illustrated The Worst Breakfast by award-winning novelist China Mieville.


Sarah Horrocks is an artist, writer, cartoonist and critic currently residing in Oklahoma. Her comics include Hecate Snake Diaries and The Leopard. She has done cover work for various Image Comics, and Boom Studios comics.  She has done critical writing about comics for Fantagraphics, ComicsAlliance, Study Group Magazine, and The Comics Journal. and she forms one-half of the Trash Twins podcast.

Regarding the recent accusations made against our freelancers: White Wolf was aware of and investigated the previous accusations against Zak before contracting him to write and illustrate the game script. Fortunately, these accusations all pertained to alleged online behavior: each accusation is connected to an online discussion, and the digital records of these discussions can be located and reviewed. White Wolf’s investigation concluded that the accusations are false, and that Zak did not engage in the alleged behavior. We have full faith in Zak and Sarah and are excited to see their great work with the World of Darkness spread!