Vampire and Mage Preludes – IndieCade and Celebratory Steam Sale!

The first new digital World of Darkness game – ”Vampire the Masquerade – We eat Blood and all our Friends are Dead” selected for IndieCade and E3 ShowCase!


To celebrate this awesome news we are holding a sale of the World of Darkness Preludes this weekend!

Find the Steam bundle here, “Vampire – We eat Blood…” here for iOS and here for Android. “Mage – Refuge” here for iOS and and here for Android.

White Wolf Entertainment is proud to announce that our experimental interactive narrative ”We eat Blood…” has been chosen as an official selection at IndieCade 2017 and as an official selection for the E3 IndieCade ShowCase. The game is also nominated and in competition for the 2017 IndieCade Awards. The Prelude games are the first digital games where White Wolf acts as an independent developer.

”We eat Blood…” is an interactive horror-story about your first nights on the edge of a secret World of Darkness hidden just under the surface of contemporary Los Angeles, made for mobile but also available on Steam as part of our World of Darkness Preludes Bundle.

Written and illustrated by comic-book artist Sarah Horrocks (Ophelia, Dysnomia, Hecate Snake Diaries, Bruise) and award winning fine artist and rpg-designer Zak Sabbath (We Did Porn, Pictures Showing What Happenson Each Page of Thomas Pynchon’s Novel Gravity’s Rainbow, Red and Pleasant Land, Vornheim, Maze of the Blue Medusa and more), ”We eat Blood…” is one of two artist-driven explorations of the World of Darkness published this spring. Featuring a full music score by Ossian Reynolds, (Zaza). This is the first title for the White Wolf team.

Learn more about the creators of the Preludes and their ideas in our series of interview shorts on the Word of Darkness YouTube channel here!

World of Darkness is the legendary rpg- setting behind cult PC rpg ”Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines” and the ”Hunter the Reckoning” console games series.

”By creating a situation where all interaction with the game-world is mediated through text messages and sent images, we tried to create genuine feelings of confusion, helplessness, attachment, shock, desperation and fear.” – Zak Sabbath

The second game, ”Mage the Ascension – Refuge”, a story about the war for Reality during the Syrian refugee crisis in Sweden, written by award-winning weird fiction author Karin Tidbeck, is also included in the bundle that goes on sale at a discount prize for a limited time this weekend!

IndiCade encourages, publicises, and cultivates innovation and artistry in interactive media,

helping to create a public perception of games as rich, diverse, artistic, and culturally significant. A perfect match for the thoughtful exploration of contemporary social and political issues found in White Wolf’s World of Darkness universe.